If you’re buying prescription jail medications
at a local pharmacy and paying retail rates,
we can save you 25 – 40%

(Without hidden fees or having to change your process)

Join our community of small and rural jails nationwide who are using our pharmacy card program to save money.

A Pharmacy Program Designed Specifically for Small & Rural Jails

InMedRx provides a pharmacy savings program geared specifically for jails with a population under 250 who are not serviced by a correctional pharmacy.

Small jails don’t have enough leverage to negotiate for lower medication cost at local pharmacies. This forces these small jails to purchase their inmate medications from local pharmacies and pay full retail prices.

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Program Benefits

Lower Medication Costs

Because of our large purchasing power in the corrections pharmacy arena, we are able to negotiate with retail pharmacies to receive 25-40% discounts off retail rates.

No Extra Steps / Keep Spend Local

Instead of paying cash for medications at retail, simply present an InMedRx pharmacy card and receive your discount. We have over 70,000 retail pharmacies in our network so finding a local pharmacy in small towns is not an issue and all of your jail’s spend is kept in the community.

No Program or Startup Fees

You will not be charged any fees for using the program. Present the card at the pharmacy to receive your discount. The pharmacy will bill InMedRx and then InMedRx bills the department and shows the actual savings on each medication for transparent billing prices.

Specialty Medication Access

InMedRx has a network of specialty pharmacies that provide long-lasting injectables, IV and high-cost specialty medications that are also part of our programs. These network pharmacies provide deep discounts on these expensive and often hard to find medications.

Save Money, Support Your Association!

For every new jail that signs up for the small jail program, InMedRx will make a donation to the Small and Rural Law Enforcement Executives Association (SRLEEA). The SRLEEA is a non-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting law enforcement executives and agencies that serve small, rural and tribal communities in our nation.

InMedRx proudly serves:




Contact us to learn more about the program, and let’s get you on your way to saving 25% or more on prescription medications!