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InMedRx helps institutional pharmacies and health care providers, state departments of corrections, juvenile detention centers and behavioral health departments with release, re-entry, and backup (emergency/after-hours) pharmacy services. We provide around-the-clock support to make sure patients receive medications they need in a timely basis. Our easy to use pharmacy benefit management services are enabled by a network of over 70,000 pharmacies and more than 3,000 courier partners nationwide.


Smart solutions

The InMedRx team is comprised of pharmacy experts and outside the box thinkers. For example, when our clients needed medication delivery, we created a courier solution. When re-entry program administrators needed a better way to provide pharmacy care, we created a voucher system. And when medications provided at release were being paid for but not used, we created a solution to address patient compliance, reduce costs and eliminate abandoned medications.

Our clients are innovative and seek improved administration and cost savings. They recognize that traditional correctional care delivery models can be improved and that newer models benefit all participants.

Superior Outcomes

As pharmacy specialists, institutional pharmacies, healthcare providers, correctional facilities and juvenile detention centers rely on InMedRx to help achieve positive outcomes, reduce costs, improve administration and deliver appropriate care.

InMedRx has been proven to:

Consistently deliver medications within four hours

Reduce pharmacy costs by up to 30%

Help individuals with medication compliance once released

Deliver services 24x7x365 to support patient care

Here to help

Correctional health care models are constantly evolving as the entire system works to provide requisite and timely care while managing costs. Ready to get started? We offer FREE consultation with a correctional pharmacy expert. We look forward to working together to create a program that helps you achieve your goals.