Enabling a Faster Response

Advanced Technology

Our pharmacy benefit management processing platform administers your unique program rules and plan design, ensuring that medications processed at the pharmacy include the same level of review as an in-house pharmacy solution.

Our technology makes using a retail pharmacy solution to support care delivery easy to implement and maintain.

A Parameter-driven PBM Platform:

Plan Design Feature
InMedRx Service Description
Formulary Management
We load client formularies into our system. Formularies can be applied at the group level or down to an individual level.
Max Allowable Paid
Each plan can be set up with a maximum allowable paid limit, as well as rules to handle these scenarios, such as requesting a prior authorization (PA).
Prior Authorization
Formulary or other plan design rules can be set up to support PA protocol. Custom messaging at the POS is used to inform pharmacies who to call to request a PA.
Authorized Physician Lists
Authorized prescriber lists can be loaded into the system, along with rules for how to handle these scenarios, such as post and pay, pend and post (require PA) or deny.
Refill, Quantity Limits, Days Supply
Parameters can be put in the system to manage refills, days supply and quantity limits.

Enhanced portal for medication ordering and tracking

Now Available

TracRx™, an intuitive web portal, makes submitting and tracking emergency medication orders convenient. ¬†Customers using our backup pharmacy program to facilitate emergency/backup medications will find TracRx easy to use.

The system allows you to see when medications are ready at the pharmacy and track courier delivery status. You can save significant time by using the dashboard to quickly view the status of orders. A powerful reporting engine also allows you to run reports on medications ordered. Ultimately, our online portal provides correctional facility staff and pharmacy and healthcare providers with complete transparency that eliminates guesswork and provides real-time visibility into order status.

The TracRx portal provides:

  • Easy access to our services
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Improved integration
  • Sophisticated reporting