Who We Help

The right care. The right process. 

Departments of Correctional and Behavioral Health

Our pharmacy services are used by city/county jails, state department of corrections, federal prisons and juvenile detention centers.

Health care Providers

We support institutional health care providers with specialized pharmacy care services to provide inmates and detainees timely and requisite care.

Pharmacy Providers

We help institutional pharmacies provide pharmacy support services 24x7x365 – from initial detainment through release.

InMedRx pharmacy solutions are used by clients nationwide:

6 State Department of Corrections

500+ County and City Jails

200+ Community Mental Health Pharmacies

100+ Residential Re-Entry Centers

1 Federal prison

Take advantage of what InMedRx offers:

Access to over 70,000 pharmacies

24x7x365 service

Emergency and after-hours pharmacy fulfillment

Customized and cost-effective delivery services