Backup Pharmacy Services

Backup pharmacy services are utilized in both standard and after-hours situations when medications are needed before institutional pharmacies can deliver required medications to the facility. Or, for many jails across the country, backup pharmacy services are utilized for all medication needs.

Emergency and After-Hours Care

Backup Pharmacy Scenarios

Backup pharmacy scenarios can occur when inmates enter a facility or when medical conditions dictate that the patient needs medications right away. For instance, emergency or after-hours services may be required when inmates need:

  • A bronchodilator to help with trouble breathing
  • Insulin to bring blood sugar levels down
  • Antibiotics to address an infection
  • Other emergency medication needs

In these scenarios, when medications are needed STAT, the InMedRx pharmacy program is utilized to support patient care needs.

Our Backup Pharmacy Services

When inmates require pharmacy services after hours or in an emergency, InMedRx is here to help. Our backup pharmacy solution is powered by a network of over 70,000 retail pharmacies, providing convenient access to correctional facilities nationwide. Our proprietary network of over 3,000 couriers is on call 24/7 to deliver emergency medications directly to your correctional facility within hours of your order.

In addition to the ease and convenience of our program, InMedRx can save you 30-40 percent on retail pharmacy bills, providing significant cost savings while helping you to provide appropriate clinical care.

Well-time deliveries result in medications being administered quickly, helping to reduce liabilities and enabling staff to focus on other duties.

The InMedRx backup pharmacy program is administered quickly and easily so you can start saving today.

InMedRx Program Benefits

Comprehensive & timely delivery

Online portal enables scheduling and tracking of orders

Customer support and processing 24/7/365

Detailed reporting and analytics

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