Our Mission

To assist clients in providing
timely and appropriate pharmacy care
to inmates from initial custody through release.



InMedRx, a Care Services company, was founded to support the emergency and after-hours pharmacy needs of institutional pharmacies, health care providers, correctional facilities, juvenile detention facilities and behavioral health services. After several years of serving this niche, additional service offerings to support re-entry and release programs were developed in response to challenges faced by facilities.

Today, InMedRx is committed to providing timely and requisite pharmacy care from initial detainment through release of inmates into the community. Our core capabilities in pharmacy network management, medication delivery and data analysis enables us to meet the evolving needs of institutional pharmacies and health care providers, correctional facilities, juvenile detention centers behavioral health services nationwide.

Together with our sister companies under the Care Services, LLC umbrella, InMedRx works every day to help customers meet pharmacy care needs for a vulnerable patient population.