Release Pharmacy Services

Paying For Abandoned Medications?

Most release pharmacy programs are administered in a similar manner – upon release, medications are supplied to released individuals for use during their transitional period. Unfortunately, and all too frequently, these medications are left behind on correctional facility grounds.

In other cases, the prescription is taken off facility grounds but never utilized by the released individual. In other words, You are paying for the abandoned medication, but the medication isn’t even being utilized – a loss for all parties.  Abandoned medications also create additional liabilities and require additional time for staff to address.

With a high prevalence of significant medical and mental health issues among people in correctional facilities nationwide, connecting patients with qualified pharmacists following release can help with medication compliance and improve patient adherence – a win for all parties.

A Better Pharmacy Program


Instead of providing medications at release, facilities working with InMedRx provide released individuals with a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy. With more than 70,000 pharmacies in-network, InMedRx provides individuals with a choice in their care.  Further, individuals taking prescriptions to the pharmacy are more likely to have a higher rate of ongoing compliance.

The program eliminates abandoned medications that correctional facilities pay for and provides the compliant individual with access to a pharmacist to support ongoing patient needs.

The right care for your inmates. The right process for you.

Case Study

After implementing an industry-first release medication program, InMedRx helped a client improve patient compliance by 140% and decreased their medication spend by 8%. Importantly, the program reduced the amount of abandoned medications and made out-processing easier.

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