How We Help

The 1976 Estelle v. Gamble U.S. Supreme Court decision affirmed that prisoners have a constitutional right to receive adequate medical attention. Today, according to a Pew Charitable Trusts report, prison health care spending, inclusive of pharmaceuticals, exceeds $7 billion annually.

InMedRx understands that correctional facilities, along with their institutional pharmacies and health care providers, are challenged to provide appropriate health care services while containing costs.

Our solutions help reduce pharmacy program spend, improve administration and help individuals receive pharmacy care in the community following release. Ultimately, our programs promote medication compliance, which can help to decrease recidivism.

“Effectively treating inmates’ physical and mental illnesses, including substance use disorders, improves their well-being and can reduce the likelihood that they will commit new crimes or violate probation once released.”
– Pew Charitable Trusts

Services We Provide

Release Pharmacy

Our TransitionRx™ program provides individuals with a prescription to be filled at a local pharmacy
upon release

Backup Pharmacy

Our backup pharmacy program provides medications to inmates in emergency and after-hours situations to meet
urgent care needs